House No. 112, Mai Thuc Loan Street

Among the not-to-be-missed relics in Hue are those related to the childhood of President Ho. Located on what used to be Dong Ba street, inside the Imperial Greater Enclosure, the house numbered 112 on Mai Thuc Loan Street, witnessed the ravenous life Ho Chi Minh's family. It was here, where President Ho's mother, Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan died of illness.

Initially, Uncle Ho’s father, Mr. Sac, didn’t pass the Metropolitan examination, so to prepare for the next exam, he applied to the National University and was accepted. However, the scholarship was too little for him to live on, so he had to return to his homeland (Kim Lien Village) and ask his wife, Mrs. Loan to come back to Hue with him. She sent their first daughter to her mother and brought their two sons to Hue with her husband. The Sacs spent many difficult months in order to have this house.

The home at 112 Mai Thuc Loan Street is made of wood with three compartments and four roof trusses. It was built in the typical architectural style of Hue, using wooden rafters.
Although the house was small, and simply furnished, it was enough for Mrs. Loan, her weaving loom and an arranged space for Mr. Sac and his two sons to live. A bamboo bed was placed in the east corner of the house and next to a hammock was the weaving loom. In the middle compartment of the house as an altar and a plank bed. 
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