Dong Ba Franco - Vietnamese Primary School

Dong Ba Franco - Vietnamese Primary School was established in 1905 on the ground of former Dong Ba market, approximately 100m from Dong Ba gate towards the southeast. In 1923, the school was moved to the location of present-day Gia Hoi School.

On the location of the former school, a small park was built at the end of Phan Dang Luu Street, Phu Hoa Ward. Uncle Ho attended second grade at Dong Ba Franco - Vietnamese Primary School in the academic year of 1906-1907 and the first grade in the following year. At that time, students wore black ‘ao dai’, white trousers, turbans, and plain wood clogs. On the examination (academic year 1908), Uncle Ho was one of the ten best students to graduate the second grade during academic year of 1908-1909, without taking a secondary branch, Thanh Chung training system. A monument has been erected at the former location of the school.

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