Pho Trach Village's Sedge-based Productions

Locating 50km to the north of Hue city, Pho Trach village is featured with its sedge-based production for hundreds of years. The village’s terrain with large inundated land creates an appropriate environment for sedge growth in the area. Sedge-based products are in favor by local people thanks to their vivid colors and durability.

The production process requires meticulous steps of preparation. From the second month of lunar calendar, villagers start to collect fresh sedge from the field and dry under direct sunlight in 3 to 5 days before sorting and storage for later production during the year. The hardest work of the whole process is smashing sedge stems with leg-driven pestle to flatten and soften sedge before weaving. 

During the weaving process, a bunch of 20 to 30 processed sedge stems is closely arranged in the same direction, then one after another, the next bunch is laid perpendicularly against the previous one and so on. Depending on the creative idea of weavers, colored sedge stems will be added during the process to create patterns or letters on the product. The last step after weaving is making knots either double or single knots contingent upon expected finished products. Some experienced weavers can even skillfully perform weaving in the dark.

Sedge-based products are characteristically resistant to mold and damp in winter and cool in summer. Together with its hand-made techniques and beautiful design of folk patterns, the products of Pho Trach craft village have been receiving passionate appreciation of customers. Beside traditional products such as beach mats, sedge cushions, hand-bags, trays, waste baskets, decorative lights, etc. Some products match European standards, with focus being given on the products’ handy, traditional and eco-friendly features. 

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