Quoc Hoc Highschool

Quoc Hoc is where Nguyen Sinh Cung and his brother studied, having been at the intermediate level during the year of 1907-1908 when they went to Hue with their father.

At that time, classrooms were made of wood and thatch, though in 1914, they were rebuilt using brick and tile. The only structure that remains is the Long Ma screen.

In 1901, after the Metropolitan examination (in the year of Tan Suu), Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac reached the status of Junior Doctor. In May 1906, he achieved the role of Ministry of Rites, and with his sons - Nguyen Sinh Cung and Nguyen Sinh Khiem - they went to live in Hue. Coming back to Hue city this time, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac sent his two children to study in Dong Ba Franco - Vietnamese primary education.

Nguyen Sinh Cung was a studious and intelligent student. He took the high school entrance examination and passed into the second-year class of Quoc Hoc High School in the academic year of 1908-1909. It was the school that greatly influenced his perception and helped him to see the true face of French colonial society and feudal system. During this time, his true love of the country was sparked in his benevolent heart. Nguyen Sinh Cung participated in the anti-tax struggle movement of the Central Provinces’ people. The idea of leaving the homeland for national salvation was also taking shape in his mind. He took leave of the school and followed his great aspiration for building an independent country Currently, a memorial statue of this school’s outstanding student and hero was erected in the middle of the schoolyard.

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