Huong River

(Perfume river) Deriving from Truong Son mountain, the two springs Ta Trach and Huu Trach meet at the junction of Tuan (or ‘Bang Lang') and create the Huong river. The river then flows in South-North direction past the temples of Hon Chen and Ngoc Tran and then turns North-West, meandering through the Nguyet Bieu and Luong Quan plains. Continuing on, the Huong river then flows to the North-East to Hue city, only an echo of Truong Son mountain, and passes the place where Nguyen emperors spend their rest in peace forever. The river of green water, which is as soft as silk, continues its itinerary, passing Hen islet and tranquil villages, crossing Sinh junction known as the capital of ancient Chau Hoa, before pouring itself into the Tam Giang lagoon, and then dissolving into the sea.

White river - green leaves, Huong river is like “a silver sword upright to the sky”. Huong river is really an invaluable God send to Hue. And who will remember Hue without its reminder - the Huong river?

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